The Jacobite Rebellions 1689–1745

The Jacobite Rebellions 1689–1745

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Michael Barthorp
Published: 21/01/1982
Genre: Military history
Pages: 48
Format: Paperback

Between the first Jacobite rising in 1689 and the final collapse of the cause in 1746, the hopes of the House of Stuart were centred chiefly on Scotland.

It is often wrongly assumed that the Jacobite rebellions were a contest between England and Scotland. In fact many Lowland Scots share the feelings of the English, and had cause to hate and fear their fellow countrymen in the Highlands.

Thus it was to the Highland clans that the Jacobites looked to for their most reliable manpower.

In this book Michael Barthorp details the events of the Jacobite rebellions, and the organisation and uniforms of the forces of both sides.