Dunbar 1650: Cromwell's most famous victory

Dunbar 1650: Cromwell's most famous victory

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Stuart Reid
Published: 24/06/2004
Genre: Military history
Pages: 96
Format: Paperback

Having already allied with his father, the Scots' acceptance of Charles II as king in 1649 caused deep suspicion in England.

In July 1650, Oliver Cromwell led a powerful force across the Scottish border to remove the problem.

For six weeks Cromwell waged a frustrating campaign against a Scots enemy that refused to meet him in battle. By the beginning of September Cromwell's army, poorly supplied, exhausted and ravaged by sickness, was apparently trapped at Dunbar by a powerful Scots army.

On 3 September he won his greatest military victory just outside the town, but in this book Stuart Reid suggests that his triumph may in fact have begun as a breakout attempt.