The Battle of Bosworth - King Richard III's Charge - print

The Battle of Bosworth - King Richard III's Charge - print

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Graham Turner's dramatic painting transports the viewer into the thick of the action at the Battle of Bosworth.

With the two armies locked together in fierce hand to hand combat, Henry Tudor, surrounded by only a small body of men, becomes isolated from his main force.

Seeing a chance to end the battle with one decisive stroke, King Richard III leads his household knights and retainers in a thunderous charge, seeking out his adversary.

You can feel the shattering impact of the King's lance on Sir William Brandon, as Sir John Cheyney spurs his horse on to challenge the King and Henry Tudor's mount rears up.

The uncommitted forces of Sir William Stanley can be seen approaching and their intervention on Tudor's side leads to the defeat and death of Richard III, the last Plantagenet King of England, and the succession of Henry Tudor as Henry VII.

This print is supplied with a 'Who's who', identifying the major participants and banners shown in the painting.

This picture is available as a print and as a canvas.


Reproduced in full colour on good quality art paper from Graham Turner's original painting, the print is 33"x 24" (84cm x 60cm) including the border.

Price: £38

This painting is also available reproduced on canvas, just like the original painting. It is individually printed on good quality canvas, stretched on wooden bars and then varnished for protection.

The overall canvas size Overall canvas size is 33"x 20" (84cm x 51cm) and the canvas has no white border as the image extends to the edge.

Each canvas is individually signed on the reverse by the artist.

Price: £184



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