Sunless Self Tanner & Sicilian Black Bronzer Tanning Lotion + Mitt

Sunless Self Tanner & Sicilian Black Bronzer Tanning Lotion + Mitt

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The Sicilian By Dolce Vita Tanning Products & True Color

This listing includes a tanning mitt/applicator!

The Sicilian By Dolce Vita: Self Tanner . Tan Enhancer . Age Defying . Skin Firming . Indoor & Outdoor Tanning

High Silicone for skin softening and tan extending properties
The Highest levels of DHA and instant color for Delayed and immediate bronzed results
Walnut and Macadamia nut oils for natural bronzed results and softer skin
After tan odor eliminator
Acai Berry for rich antioxidant benefits
Melanin booster for quicker . darker . longer lasting results
Co-Q10 stimulates collagen production for younger . healthier looking skin

Product Specs: New 13.5 US fl. oz. Factory Sealed Bottle (400 mL)

Packed with DHA for the most extreme tan! Be sure to wash your hands thoroughly after applying!!!

True Color: Self Tanner . Moisturizer . Age Defying . Skin Firming


True Color Sunless Tanner Fake Tan Self Tanner

Type of Product: Self Tanner . Moisturizer . Anti-Aging . Sunless Tanning

Welcome to a new world of tanning without the sun.

True-Color Formula 12 is perfectly formulated to provide you with a rich and natural looking tan that will exceed even your highest expectations. Not only will it leave your skin gorgeously bronze but it is formulated with exclusive anti-aging moisturizers that hydrate . replenish . and restore your skin. Say goodbye to your favorite moisturizer. You won't need it anymore. is a tanner and anti-ager in 1 bottle saving you time . money and aggravation.

We know that most of you have been disappointed with self tanners in the past. Remember . is different. It is formulated to be hydrating . forgiving and fool proof. Whether you are a pro or a beginner . will leave you with a natural color that must be seen to be believed. No streaks . no orange . no smell
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